2011/05/06 ING 2011 at the Faculty of Graphic Arts, Zagreb, Croatia


The Graphic Engineering Competition ING 2011 will take place for the second time in the Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb, Croatia. It has been organized by the Student Association of the Faculty in Zagreb for the students at the technical faculties of Slovenia (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana), Serbia (Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Faculty of Technical Studies, University of Travnik) and, of course, of Croatia (Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb).

The competition will take place in Zagreb in the period 10 – 15 May, 2011. The organizers hope that it will be at least as successful as the event in 2010. Last year's experience has been very positive: the students have had the possibility to work together and share their knowledge, they have learned a lot and, of course, they could establish new contacts.

This year the Faculty of Graphic Arts decided to make some changes in the concept of the competition by adding a new design topics to the technical part. The aim is to increase the level of the competition, to rise the interest of the participants and to achieve a better co-operation with other technical faculties in the region.

Additionally creative calligraphy workshops will be organized for the students who are not participating in the competition part. The Croatian designer Dejan Dragosavac Ruta will present an interesting lecture on design and independent culture.

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic Arts

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