2013/09/26 InPEQ Forum 2013 – Printers from East and West exchange experience and ideas


The eighth meeting of the Balkan Printers and their European partners took place on September 19–20, 2013, in Lviv, Ukraine. It was hosted by the Ukrainian Academy of Printing. The InPEQ Forum 2013 has been sponsored by: manroland web systems GmbH, Canon Europe, Procemex, Muller Martiw motto: "East meets West". It has successfully introduced a new platform for exchanging of experience, know-how and exchange of knowledge communication, bringing together the interests of three ini and MacHOUSE. This year's forum is a very special one. It has new logo with new image and nemportant pillars of the printing business: printing houses, manufacturers and education and qualification institutions.

182 participants from 14 countries have participated in the InPEQ Forum 2013. The event in Lviv has been visited by attendants from 5 Balkan Print Forum member countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, as well as from 9 partner countries: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. This already traditional forum has been considered by the InPEQ partners to be an important event that can help printers for a dynamic adaptation to the changes and the challenges of the print media industry. It is supposed to give the attendees the chance to establish new contacts and to intensify existing one.

The very positive feed-back of experts from print media houses, trade companies, agencies, print media schools and universities, of manufacturers and the trade-press, showed once again that the forum in Lviv is a big success for the InPEQ print media community. More than 80% of the attendees are evaluating their participation as very positive.

This event has proved that the face to face contacts are even more important than internet facebook contacts, that emotions and feelings play a significant role in our life and influence dramatically all business fields. Printing is based on human feelings and therefore the InPEQ Forum partners are confident and believe in the future of their industry which they are expected to change for success.


For more information please download the Newsletter: InPEQ News, Nr. 6, September, 2013, under: http://www.inpeq.org/newsletter.html