2014/01/29 Procemex introduces new innovation to the printing industry


Procemex, the global leader in machine vision business in pulp, paper & printing industries adds new innovation for printers to its portfolio.

“We have developed, designed and delivered the fastest and the most accurate smart camera-based solutions for printers and paper manufacturers worldwide since 1993”, says Mika Valkonen, CEO of Procemex.  “We put strong emphasis on continuous cutting-edge innovations”, he says.

Now Procemex is proud to add a new innovation to series of solutions for the printing industry. “The Procemex Wash Cycle Optimizer” for HSWO printers. The WCO make it possible for printers to reduce blanket washes and have a real time picture of printing blanket. Live image from blanket and dust & ink build-up trends show the actual situation in the printing area. This allow the printer to extend the print runs without increasing web breaks or blanket damages by maintaining the print quality at the same time.

The innovation, the “Procemex Wash Cycle Optimizer”, which is  integrated to the Procemex Press Efficiency System, was presented to the industry in a seminar in Germany in December 2013. The seminar, held in German, was well attended by several major international HSWO printers and industry representatives.

Presentations in the seminar included a thorough review to the theoretical, but also practical approach of the printing blanket buildup by Dr. Meder of Mohn Media  Mohndruck.  The technology behind the Procemex WCO was described by the developer of system, Dr. Kuparinen.

Mohndruck and Dr. Meder were strongly involved in the developing the system. “With the Procemex Wash Cycle Optimizer the printers are now fully aware on-line what is happening in the printing area and can thus make right decisions the right time” says Dr. Meder. “The efficiency of the printing press will be increased with right time actions” he continues.

“The monitoring of the interactions of paper, ink, blanket and printing chemicals in the printing unit during a very short time period presented a challenge to the developers, but I am pleased with the outcome” Dr. Kuparinen says. “ We now have a very accurate camera picture of any spot of the blanket and can follow the development there as the print run proceeds. This is important information not just for the printer, but for other players involved in the printing unit also” concludes Dr. Kuparinen.

Mika Valkonen of Procemex is very pleased to the results achieved already with the system. “Procemex now has a comprehensive, totally integrated and synchronized press monitoring solutions for the printers. Increasing the press efficiency and thus the profitability of printing has now been made easier for the press operators”, he summarizes.


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